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Welcome to the New Tradition Martial Arts Karate Program!

Many students enter into the martial arts for life skills such as: confidence, discipline, listening skills, and respect. With so many karate schools trying to teach these qualities, what makes New Tradition Martial Arts stand out?

We have over forty years of experience in the martial arts.

In our karate program the majority of classes have two instructors teaching on the floor. Some schools have one instructor or the highest belt in class that day leading the class.

Classes are always taught by certified Black Belts who are also World and National Champions.

New Tradition Martial Arts average student / teacher ratio is 10 to 1 compared to the national average of 20 to 1.

This is not just a place to come to karate class. We have many social events for students such as: sleepovers, movie nights, tournaments, weapons classes, a summer picnic, glow in the dark weapons, buddy days, and much more.

At New Tradition Martial Arts, we promote a caring, yet disciplined environment to make each student their best in life as well as karate.
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A proud member of Black Belt Schools of America. Also, a proud Partner in Education of Clayton County Public Schools.


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We invite you to visit us or attend a class or event. Our staff are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the school and how you can join.

725 Hwy 138 SW * Riverdale * GA * 30274 * 770.374.2110